Ivan Hugo

Commercial portfolio available upon request: ih@ivanhugo.com

 Photographer - Cinematographer. 

 Reportage - Portraits - Cities  - Landscapes - Moving Images.

The beautiful, the thick, thin, strange, elegant, absurd and sublime.

I am attentive to the opening, the moment where a person’s character is revealed and the story can be been seen in a second. I live for these moments. 

 I have worked across the world in London, Tokyo, New York, Mumbai, San Francisco, Shanghai, Morocco, Bangkok, Miami, Los Angeles, Moscow and much more. 

Witnessing the fusion of colour, shadows and community people and capturing the images that exhibit their swagger, their jazz, their heart. 

 My images aim to celebrate the human being and their humanity. 

 My photography and cinematography have been commissioned by Junk Food clothing, Nike Japan & USA, Levi’s Global, Lexus, Diet Coke, Shell Global Insights, Timberland, Dunhill, Figaro Magazine, Lip x Documentary Photo, Monocle, Transit. Portraits: David Lauren, Lily Collins, Horoki Nakamura, Ryo Miyaiki.. and agencies as mcCANN Tokyo, W+K Tokyo, Bamm Global, Clear Strategy Satchi & Satchi London and others. 

Born in Barcelona, world traveller, based in London.

 Thanks for swinging by.