The exposed images are inspired by the travels that I have been doingin the last few years.The idea was to capture those moments in full solitude through small actions of people or very subtle objects . In order to get this, I used the pastel colours from the sunset and the sunrise achieving a sense of peace and space to the images. The work consists in a series of 10 photographs of empty spaces - where there is usually a lot of noise, people and things happening . They are regular crowded places like: bridges, beaches, swimming pools, public parking, viewpoints on hills, seafront, hotel windows... One of the photos is a radio. In this picture I want to show the freedom of being able to have control. On the rest of the images it is nopossible to have it, there is no option to choose between silence andnoise. To take this pictures I've been going around with my tripod and camera, roaming the streets and looking for outdoor energies. The final edited photographs were taken in different cities within U S , Spain, India and Cuba. The images are matched in pairs as they have geometric elements in common.